Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Marc Rodenberg. I’m a photographer.

It was a long way. But it has been worthwhile. Birth, sheltered childhood, school, grow up, the camera as a faithful companion. Graduation, then alternative service: See life at intensive care unit. Then studies of philosophy and German literature. A bit more theoretical but not less informatory. Aesthetics and ethics between Kafka, Kant and brain research. At some point decided: Enough theory. Therefore finished my degree and out into life. Art, music and taking photos like there’s no tomorrow. At some point people wanted to pay me for photographing them. From there it was plain sailing.

Now I’m 34, currently living in Hanover/Germany and work as photographer for business and private clients. I stand for visual expertise, reliability and creativity. In addition to my commercial activity I work on personal projects on a regular basis.


I photograph. Mainly weddings. I cannot imagine a job that is more fulfilling and pleasing than accompanying the bride and groom as a photographer on their special day. There is nothing comparable to the atmosphere and the emotions of this exceptional event. As every wedding is different, my goal is always to create the most beautiful and compelling photo reportage possible. If you have any question about my services, feel free to ask!


Marc Rodenberg

Jakobistr. 31

30163 Hannover



Telefon:  0049 511 / 655 876 39

  Mobil: 0049 176 / 780 291 66


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